2002 / Fashion performance "Fire"

Posted on 22 November 2015

In September 2002 the fashion performance "Fire" took place as a natural continuation of the amazing collaboration for Eurovision song contest in May. The team of Eurovision Song Contest in Tallinn under the leadership of producer Marius Bratten volunteered to make this show happen.

Fashion performance "Fire" was the second grand event of the happy and creative period of the Katrin Kuldma Fashion House. The top models of Estonia were the stars of the night, Olga Serova well known from the catwalks of Dolce&Gabbana is familiar to the global fashion world. 


The years of 1997 - 2002 were the time of true glamour. The compounding of Tallinn Fashion House couture division, Evelin Kattai and Katrin Kuldma Fashion Studios resulted with the first designer label fashion house of the new and free Estonia. The two young designers of the house created hundreds of couture dresses for the most prestigious clientele of that time. 

In the end of year 2002 the fashion house was closed down. The core team took the challenge in larger scale fashion industry, in a company today known as Silvano Fashion Group. 

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