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Crafted from the finest natural fabrics



In today’s fast world of anonymous products we hold traditions and share the experience of authentic design with our customers. We are the missionaries of true quality, valuing the know-how of the finest silk, cotton and wool suppliers of the world. We educate our customers to consume real quality and truly sustainable goods. We share our knowledge of  a product’s lifecycle starting from the heritage of the fine wool fibres, low waste digital production preparation and ending with fine sewing and finishing. We strongly believe that beauty created with knowledge and dedication, with perceived sincerity, creates products with a soul. Such product just feel great and the wearer is happier. And most importantly, high quality production process is good for the health of our planet Earth.


Amanjeda brand stands for the Slow Fashion and Sustainable Luxury.

We value the quality that comes from long traditions and know-how, original and controlled heritage. We are sourcing top quality wools from Italy’s famous Biella region, the most beautiful hand-made laces from Venice and silks from the historical silk production region of Como. The cotton is coming from ecologically controlled cotton fields and large part of our collection is dedicated to the most ecologically pure material -­ linen. Amanjeda clothes last from season to season and they are a beloved part of any wardrobe.


We value the high craftsmanship and know-how put into the luxury products. Designer clothing is art and luxury is the most creative and sustainable part of the fashion world.