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  • Superclassic Tuxedo Suit, Dormeuil MOHAIR


Superclassic Tuxedo Suit, Dormeuil MOHAIR



The Black Tie suit is made of Dormeuil "Mohair" bunch precious wool and mohair blend. 


The suit style is elegant with one button, notch lapels, jetted side pockets and with side vents, the hand stitched edges are a must. The trousers have flat front, side pockets and belt loops. The length of trousers has to be perfect, the front just touching the shoe and the back touching the base of the heel. 

Mohair is soft yet strong, with an elasticity that makes weaves virtually crease-proof. With its unparallelled lustre reflecting the light like a polished diamond, it is contributing to the expanding reputation of Dormeuil.

The new mohair bunch sets the trend for the fashion world, and the renown of fabrics like Tonik® and Mystic is becoming the worldwide reference of modern elegance. Super Brio® is known as the most beautiful light mohair fabric in the world.

The colour ranges are unique and directional from super classic black and night blue to rich choice of light and bright shades.

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