AMANJEDA by Katrin Kuldma fashion performance “MUHU COUTURE

in musical collaboration with Villu Veski & Future Music Festival JuJääb, July 2015

PÄDASTE MANOR, The Small Luxury Spa & Hotel, Muhu

AMANJEDA by Katrin Kuldma fashion performance “MUHU COUTURE” introduced the soul of Amanjeda – Muhu authentic embroideries in modern interpretations.


Estonia is a country where supermodern is connected to traditional. One of the best destinations is Muhu island with its unique vibe of relaxed luxury and amazing boutique resorts and spas. Muhu island is the home of Estonia’s most unique and strong embroidery tradition. The embroideries are known for their bright and playful colour palette and inspirations from Poppy fields, the Bleeding Heart Flowers, Roses and Cornflowers. The relaxed atmosphare and rich embroidery tradition of Muhu are the endless inspiration sources for Amanjeda women collections.