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Collections of David & John Anderson

The Spring-Summer 2016 by David & John Anderson, the brand acquired by Albini Group in 1992 which specialises in the finest yarn counts, presents a collection of fabrics in the most precious materials.

The finest and exclusively European linen cultivated in Normandy by Terre de Lin, is seen in 100% linen and also blended with cotton, developed in the spring and summer palette to create a fresh elegant shirt.

The pride of this collection is the new proposal of Sea Island Cotton: theélite Caribbean cotton, of which Albini Group has the exclusivity of production on the island of Barbados (a limited cultivation of only 70 bales per year) with which the brand interprets “the ABC of shirts”, which is a synthesis of “must have” proposals, that every gentleman should have in his wardrobe. Thanks to the attention dedicated by the Albini Group to cotton cultivation in Barbados, the proposal is now elevated to the extra-fine yarn 170/2, reached for the very first time in the exclusive Sea Island cotton.

 David and John Anderson collection

 DJA PE 16

David and John Anderson Collection

David and John Anderson book

The relative authority, WISICA (West Indian Sea Island Cotton Association), inspects each kilo of cotton produced locally and issues the Certificate of authenticity. The yarn's perfect structure guarantees that the shirts made with David & John Anderson's Sea Island fabrics have a soft texture, just like cashmere, and minimum hairiness, that they are light, cool but at the same time resistant to washing. David & John Anderson have chosen only extra fine yarns from Normandy (where the very best linen in the world is cultivated) for its collection of quality linen and linen blend fabrics (Linen 100, Linen 130). Light, natural, pleasing to the touch and refined in their designs.

All David & John Anderson fabrics are in stock, available immediately.



History of David & John Anderson


in 1822 David and John Anderson company is founded


David Anderson, the son of a producer from Stirling, goes into business with his partner Alexander Lawrie: and from this Anderson & Lawrie is established in Glasgow. It began as a factory of Pullicate and Gingham, trading with London and the East and West Indies, in handkerchiefs or “Pullicates" as they were call then.
Ginghams were produced for women's and children's dresses for the domestic market and for the USA. It was quite natural for A&L to specialize in this type of fabric because Glasgow was famous for these lightweight materials, produced here for the first time. 

The city was a flourishing industrial hub and the fact that iron and coal - the richest in Scotland - were nearby helped it prosper enormously as too did the great number of pure water rivers. 

Here in Glasgow the young company cast its solid foundations with all the typical enthusiasm of new endeavours.



DJA company gained a world reputation


Lawrie leaves the business. His loss is compensated for by brother John and the new company takes the name it bears today, David and John Anderson.



John Anderson Junior enters the company and runs the business. The company grew and prospered as the years went by until it gainedglobal reputation, becoming indisputably one of the leading cotton companies in the world.


in 1906 the company continued to grow


With the death of James Anderson, a third son of the founder with the same name, David Anderson, enters the company together with a cousin, David H. Anderson. The three, under the guidance of John Anderson Junior, control the destiny of the company for many years.


John Anderson Junior leaves the company with his partners in favour of two of his sons: David and Harvie Anderson. The company continues to grow and prosper, the whole time augmenting both the brand image and turnover. 


in 1933 DJA started to sell to retailers directly


The partners decide to convert the partnership, which has served the company excellently, into a private limited company. Hence Mr. W. A. Readman of Lambie & Readman of Glasgow enters the BoD of the new born company which continues working as DJA Limited.



The company reaches a turnover equivalent toone million pounds a year.


in 1992 the DJA brand is acquired by Albini Group


The interest of the Albini family was so strong that when they heard that David & John Anderson was being forced by its owners (the Courtauld Group) to stop production in the United Kingdom forever, it felt it just had to help with an emergency plan for the most famous brand of shirts in Scotland.

Albini acquires the company and with it the historical archives which are still used today as a source of inspiration and for creating exclusive patterns for the most important Customers in the world.


With the invention of Cullinan, the fabric made with the finest yarn in the world, 300/2, the result of years of research and expression of the maximum technology of the Albini Group, and of Millennium Star, yarn of 3/330's,  David & John Anderson is confirmed leader in the ultra high range of shirt making.


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