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  • Formal Shirt, Superfine 2ply cotton
  • Formal Shirt, Superfine 2ply cotton


Formal Shirt, Superfine 2ply cotton



100 Superfine Egyptian poplin

The Slim Fit formal shirt is Without Placket and with English Gusset Bottom Cut. The slim fit is the most contemporary fit, classic as style already. Slim fit shirts are normally made with darts on the back detail, for round body type the back darts are not made. The fastening Without Placket is the most classic one exposing proudly our real pearl buttons. This shirt is perfect to wear with or without a tie. The English Gusset is an elegant classic element, just to give the extra feeling of quality. 

Business Collar is one of the most formal collar styles with high stiffness and with removable collar stays. Business Collar is slightly wider than Classic Collar.

Single Cuff with Double  Buttonholes for Cufflink is a lighter alternative for French cuff. The cuff has buttonholes at the both sides of the cuff, so You can wear it just closed by the button or with cufflinks

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