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Crafted from the finest natural fabrics

Men's blazer from quality wool fabric starting at 899.- euros
Men's suit from quality wool fabric starting at 1499.- euros
Women's blazer from quality wool fabric starting at 899.- euros
Women's suit from quality wool fabric starting at 1499.- euros

Once measurements have been taken and all details agreed upon, we will send an advance payment invoice of 50% of the total cost of the jacket. The remaining balance is due when the order is ready. Embroidering the club emblem is included in the making of the club blazer. There is a one-time fee for creating the embroidery for each club. Partner clubs of AMANJEDA by Katrin Kuldma are eligible for a 10% discount on club attire.

Traditionally, the club blazer was worn with a tie and dress shirt. Nowadays, the rules are almost non-existent, and the classic dress shirt is often replaced with a polo or T-shirt for a modern and comfortable look with the blazer. The blazer is typically paired with medium grey dress trousers, but one can also wear dark grey or beige trousers, different colored cotton chinos, and of course, jeans. Rules and etiquette are agreements within each club, showing respect for values and traditions. One of the few remaining strict rules and etiquette norms worth remembering is that only a man who has crossed the Atlantic under sail can wear red trousers.

Club attire expresses pride and solidarity among club members with similar views and hobbies. Therefore, there are unified elements in the clothing. However, club attire is not equated with uniform attire; club members are usually strong individuals. Therefore, our recommendation is to approach the selection of details and accessories personally. For example, the choice of shirt with the club blazer could be freely made, including well-fitting polo and T-shirts.

Suit jacket, blazer, sport jacket, & sweaterblazer

The suit jacket, blazer, and sport jacket are similar garments, but they have different histories. In the USA, the blazer has come to mean anything with sleeves and lapels worn with contrasting trousers, yet there are significant differences among these three items. In Europe, a blazer signifies a more casual and sporty lifestyle, usually a navy jacket with gold or silver buttons. The suit jacket denotes a more formal coat worn with a suit, made from fine worsted wool. A sport jacket is a more rustic, thicker material, such as tweed, suitable for outerwear. Historically associated with the navy and sports, the blazer remains a beloved garment for men with a more casual and sporty style, making it a common choice for club attire. A modern approach blends and combines these styles, giving rise to a new concept in men's clothing - the sweater blazer. This is an exceptionally comfortable yet stylish jacket.

The origins of the blazer trace back to sailors and the English navy. The most traditional blazer is the double-breasted navy jacket with six golden buttons, flap pockets, and double vents. The famous garment got its name in 1837 when Queen Victoria of England visited the HMS Blazer, a navy ship. For this special occasion, the ship's captain ordered a double-breasted navy jacket with gold buttons. His innovative attire received royal approval, and soon other captains and officers began wearing similar jackets. Upon retiring, they continued to order similar clothing from their tailors. Thus, the double-breasted blazer with shiny buttons became a trend and gradually entered civilian circulation.